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Objective 1: Enhance communication within the (CoLab) network and externally to connect individuals and organisations.
  • Writing monthly newsletters.
  • Releasing new and edited webpages (projects, services, resources, etc.), on a half yearly basis.
  • Add adhoc events and job openings as request in #colab-communications-engagement.
  • Quarterly roundup of NS project updates.
  • Representation in the General Circle monthly meetings (good for weaving).
  • Video to introduce CoLab.

Objective 2: Engagement research into network weaving practices and processes across from local to international – focusing on pinpointing needs.
  • Picture forming – What is the objective of this exercise? – Who is engaging (with CoLab) and how are they engaging (from inside / outside). How and what are we measuring? How do non-engagers (with CoLab) engage with one another and with resources (more generally) (so that we can work out how to help them engage with CoLab resources). What are the needs of different users? Output useful to this team and others.
  • Plan work according to outcomes of picture forming and needs and according to budget allocation.

Objective 3: Outreach work from CoLab to the wider permaculture audience.
  • Review persona work from year 1.
  • Collate information from around the colab about services, circles and projects in order to update the website – to be used as a basis for the outreach package – ongoing work.
  • Collate information about current outreach.
  •  Collate feedback and consent from relevant teams on updates to the website pages, including circle pages, services, resources and onboarding. 
  • Finish work on the website started last year (review and implement).
  • Write outreach pieces to be published in permaculture magazines / social media and network websites & mailing lists. (what’s our aim? Increase membership, join mailing list, or increase engagement with resources).
  • Mail out to target organisations by persona type. (collate email list, draft copy of email, possibly translate to eg. Spanish).
  • Publish and curate resources from NS and other working groups artefacts.
  • Set up Outreach Database (and use for prioritising, categorising, tracking etc).

Objective 4: Prototyping to bring in national and regional/other networks to support the wider permaculture movements & the CoLab
  • Outreach prototype with Nordic permaculture (capped budget as per slack convo about this at 22 hours).
  • Outreach meetings with external community network eg. EUPN.

Objective 5: Network weaving and building on the work started with capacity plus in particular cross network training and knowledge sharing events.
  • Training to CoLab members who wish to represent CoLab / promote services.
  • Representation in the General Circle monthly meetings (good for weaving).

Kate Swatridge – research, outreach
Charlie Wilson – comms, copywriting, reporting officer
Hans Ryding – research, outreach
Aimee Fenech – training & supporting, outreach 


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