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GRP15 / GRP10 / GRP19- Welcoming and Community Garden Conversations


Welcoming and induction activities read about section for a more detailed description


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Welcoming and induction in the CoLab community using different modes of engagement (eg one to one, on-boarding, events etc). Monthly onboarding calls, adhoc one to one calls, mid-yearly events to promote and highlight projects and initiatives in the colab and the wider network.
An invitation to come to the table, weaving projects and connections for resilience, collaboration, and scaffolding.
Please note that from 2024 the Welcome Gardening Project also encompasses the Skill Mapping and Community Platform Facilitation projects. 

1. Promote and participate in Conversational Community Gardening. – present in research, education, digital and human technology, on-boarding & engagement.
2. Welcoming and induction in the community using different modes of engagements.
3. Maintenance of existing community database and making this accessible to the community.
4. Community platform facilitation. 

Jyo Maan, Aimee Fenech, Daniel Atwell
Reporting Officer: Jyo Maan 


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