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Add Reverse Connect support to node-opcua SDK for secure server-initiated connections, enhancing network security & deployment in automation.


Implementing Reverse Connection Support in node-opcua SDK

This project aims to enhance the node-opcua SDK by adding support for the OPC UA Reverse Connect feature. This functionality allows servers to initiate connections to clients, which is a crucial requirement for secure network environments, such as the production network of a factory.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) is an industrial communication protocol widely used for secure and reliable data exchange between machines, devices, and applications in the automation industry. The node-opcua SDK is an open-source Node.js implementation of the OPC UA protocol designed for creating OPC UA clients and servers.

The Reverse Connect feature is not yet supported in the node-opcua SDK, but is highly valuable for certain applications, as it enables better control over communication and increased security. By implementing this feature, users of the node-opcua SDK can benefit from improved network security and ease of deployment in their projects.

Key Features:
  1. Implementation of the Reverse Connect functionality in the node-opcua SDK on both client and server side.
  2. Thorough documentation and examples to assist developers in using the new feature
  3. Comprehensive testing and validation of the Reverse Connect implementation
  4. Collaboration with the node-opcua community to ensure compatibility and smooth integration with existing applications

Project Roadmap:

Phase 1: Research and analysis
  • Analyze the OPC UA Reverse Connect specification
  • Study the node-opcua SDK architecture and identify necessary modifications
Phase 2: Development
  • Implement the Reverse Connect feature in the node-opcua SDK
  • Create thorough documentation and examples for the new functionality
Phase 3: Testing and validation
  • Perform extensive testing to ensure compatibility and reliability
  • Resolve any identified issues and bugs
Phase 4: Collaboration and integration
  • Collaborate with the node-opcua community for feedback and support
  • Merge the new feature into the main node-opcua SDK repository

With your support on Open Collective, we can develop and maintain this valuable addition to the node-opcua SDK, enabling a more secure and efficient communication mechanism for OPC UA-based applications in various industries. Your contributions will help cover development, testing, documentation, and ongoing maintenance costs associated with implementing and supporting the Reverse Connect feature.

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