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Contribution #696304
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Node.js Mobile in January 2024

Dear backers, Happy New Year! We'll maintain this newsletter as a quick monthly recap of how the project is making progress thanks to your donations. For this first edition, we have a few news: In development, I experimented...
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Published on January 3, 2024 by Andre Staltz


In 2017 I put Node.js into Android via a project called React Native Node. Soon after that, Janea Systems released Node.js Mobile with support for iOS and Android, which deprecated the need for the Android-only React Native Node. We were fortunate to count on Janea Systems for maintaining and upgrading Node.js Mobile for some years. Nowadays, I'm the sole maintainer of this library that is vital to some mobile apps in production, on iOS and Android.

This Open Collective is for donations to keep Node.js Mobile alive and thriving. I work with/on several open source projects full-time for years now, and receive many requests of things to be fixed. Many of them go unfixed due to lack of time. With donations to Node.js Mobile, I can prioritize my time allocation. At an hourly rate of 100 USD/hour whenever we have enough budget, I will fix and maintain Node.js Mobile, giving priority to issues that are popular among our users.

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