Now What?! Gift Economy for the Oct-Nov 2019 Edition Closes on Jan 24
Published on January 17, 2020 by Ben Roberts

A final call for contributions to the gift economy associated with the Oct-Nov 2019 edition of Now What?! is going out now through Friday, January 24th. Total receipts at that time will be used to calculate the amount of money that will flow to each of the three buckets of support that make up the financial portion of the Gift Economy. These are listed below, along with the amounts that will be paid out based on the current pool of $2891. If more contributions are received these numbers will rise in proportion. Details can be found here and a general overview of this process here.

  • A Participation Dividend for Collective Members who request it--eight requests and a current pool of $572
  • A set of requests for money from Collective Members who preformed work designing, convening, and hosting this edition--$6042 in requests and $1735 currently available
  • A set of projects nominated by Collective Members--seven projects nominated and a current pool of $572

Thank you again for your support of the Now What?! Gift Economy. This experiment continues to point towards the possibility that far larger flows of funding might be generated in future editions, as participation numbers and value received increases, and the capacity to make effective financial requests develops further.

Ben Roberts, Now What?! Lead Convener and Host