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Open Collective COVID-19 Relief Fund has been archived.

Open Collective COVID-19 Relief Fund has been archived and is no longer active.

Open Collective COVID-19 Relief Fund


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Open Collective Foundation supports our COVID-19/mutual aid initiatives!

Thank you to everyone who chose to contribute to the Open Collective COVID-19 Relief Fund! We are splitting the funds equally among OCF's 38 current active COVID-19 initiatives. We will then close this fund, but we encourag...
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Published on March 25, 2021 by nathanhewitt


We've created this fund to help supplement the efforts of the existing COVID-19 related mutual aid funds that Open Collective is proud to be fiscally hosting.  

Hundreds of mutual aid funds, PPE fundraisers, and frontline workers' support groups have joined Open Collective in these recent months.  In response to some feedback we've received from these groups about their fundraising efforts, we realized that many people want to help and donate, but sometimes it is difficult to know where and how.  With this fund, you can donate, and we will disperse the funds.

We keep ongoing dialogues with our funds to actively support their needs, and we know where money is needed and when.  Please support the Open Collective COVID-19 Fund so that we can distribute your donations across the different collectives according to their current needs. 

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