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The project is a part of the Open Media Network (#OMN), which is a grassroots initiative to create a decentralized and federated network of media platforms that share common valu


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VisionOnTV is an important activist video project for several reasons, and supporting it through funding can have a significant impact on the activist community and the broader society:
  1. Amplifying Marginalized Voices: VisionOnTV provides a platform for marginalized voices and grassroots activists to share their stories, perspectives, and struggles. By amplifying these voices, the project helps to challenge dominant narratives and promote a more inclusive and diverse media landscape. Funding VisionOnTV enables the continued production and dissemination of content that may not find space in mainstream media outlets.
  2. Documenting Social Movements: VisionOnTV plays a crucial role in documenting social movements, protests, and activism from around the world. Through its video coverage, the project captures important moments of resistance, solidarity, and social change, preserving them for future generations. Funding VisionOnTV supports the ongoing documentation of grassroots movements and ensures that their stories are heard and remembered.
  3. Fostering Media Literacy: VisionOnTV contributes to media literacy by providing alternative perspectives and critical analysis of mainstream media coverage. By offering viewers access to independent and alternative media content, the project encourages critical thinking and engagement with complex social issues. Funding VisionOnTV enables the creation of educational resources and programming that promote media literacy and empower viewers to become informed citizens.
  4. Building Solidarity Networks: VisionOnTV facilitates connections and solidarity networks among activists and social movements.  Bridging different struggles and communities, fostering collaboration and mutual support. Funding VisionOnTV supports the development of networking tools and initiatives that strengthen solidarity across geographical and ideological boundaries.
  5. Advancing Social Justice: VisionOnTV contributes to the advancement of social justice by raising awareness about pressing issues such as inequality, environmental destruction, racism, and human rights abuses. By highlighting the voices of those most affected by systemic injustices, the project mobilizes support for positive change and collective action. Funding VisionOnTV empowers activists to continue their work for social justice through the power of video storytelling.
In summary, funding VisionOnTV is a strategic investment in the advancement of activism, social justice, and media democracy. By supporting this vital project, funders can help to amplify marginalized voices, document social movements, foster media literacy, build solidarity networks, and advance the cause of social justice around the world. 

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