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We champion open-source, tech-based programs and services  that make Miami a better place to live.


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"Open Miami?" Like, the tennis tournament?

No. You're thinking the Miami Open.

Open Miami, on the other hand, wants to champion the use of open-source tech in building municipal services and programs that make Miami a better place.

We started four years ago as Code for Miami, volunteers that met over pizzas every week to use technology to make Miami a better place to live. We continue that mission to this day through a network of community organizing, educational events related to technology, civics, and issues, and promote and facilitate tech projects based on available technologies and open data.

Current Projects and Programs

  • Code for Miami
  • The Miami Civic User Testing Group ( - a ten month pilot program to bring a county wide user testing group to test city and county apps and websites. A 2016 Knight Cities Challenge winner.

Code for Miami, Inc. DBA Open Miami is a recognized corporation in the state of Florida, currently waiting for 501(c)3 status from the IRS.