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We are civic techs working to streamline interactions between communities and government through web-based, typically open-source technology.



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Voter's Voice reveals local government canidate's campaign contributions and expenditures and pro...
EnCiv is a collection of tools that automate proven discussion processes, to transform the online...
Project is a tool used by school districts across the nation to optimize their free meal r...

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Looking forward to 2024!

First off, we are grateful for the Open Collective platform! What a great opportunity to learn from other groups what is working for them, and for us to share our successes. This year has been relatively transformative in that we were once...
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Published on December 1, 2023 by Jerry Hall


We are volunteers on a mission to positively impact the San Diego community through the principles and practices of the digital age.

We meet virtually on a weekly basis each Tuesdays at 7pm to work on projects together. We are transitioning back to including some in-person meetings on the third Tuesday of every month. We meet at the beautiful AnsirSD co-workspace in the central area of Kearny Mesa. Join us on Slack and Meetup!

We started as an independent civic-tech-focused group of volunteers, then became a Code for America Brigade for a decade, and have come full circle, returning to an independent volunteer network. 

We are an all-inclusive group of volunteers seeking to smooth interactions between residents and their government. We have built and deployed several projects from the ground up as well as teamed up with existing projects, some having served users in all 50 or our United States. 

We hope you will join us and use your skills, at any level of capability, from research, marketing, administrative, design, user-interaction, and coders to help ideate, develop, and deploy web-based tools.

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