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Credit from Ori Skateboards to KrakMap

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Credit from Ilir to KrakMap

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When you ride somewhere, you leave an imprint. But at the speed things are now going, how can we remember all the tricks done on a specific spot? and what about all the tricks on all the famous spots worldwide?

Skateboarding evolves faster and faster and a lot of stuff will be forgotten and lost forever if not documented. There’s something special with skatespots. Spots have history, context, and feel alive. Krak is about annotating the streets.

The map is such a beautiful medium to imbue our ‘skateboarding places’ with the sublime.

KrakMap is not primarily motivated by profit, though it will eventually need to generate revenue to sustain its product and operations.
We will use your donations to keep KrakMap alive: it is free to use, but not free to operate. You can look into our expenses on this page. Based on the actual expenses we had up until now, this is what we’ll be spending your donations on:
  • domain names: $105 per year
  • algolia: $13 per month
  • digital ocean: $70 per month
  • clevercloud: $13 per month
  • cloudinary: $99 per month
Total estimated technical + operational costs: ~200€ per month

So that’s the price tag for a collective skateboarding playground for all of us! Thanks for supporting 🙏

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