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Open Source Collective Continues to Support Individual Maintainer Projects
Published on November 4, 2022 by Benjamin Nickolls

Open Source Collective is removing yesterday's updated requirement for two representatives on all new and existing projects, effective immediately.

Following feedback (and valid criticism) of yesterday's update, we are removing the requirement for two representatives when applying to Open Source Collective's fiscal sponsorship program. I've included the complete text of my comment, left on the previous update below:

Hey folks, thanks for the feedback. I want to show a similar level of thoughtfulness and consideration in my response, but for those who might not have the time let me say up-front, we'll remove the hard requirement for two administrators.  With that said, I'd like to tell you why we've reconsidered the requirement.

When we started Open Source Collective there were very few options for maintainers to gather financial support for their projects and, at that time, we had a responsibility to support as many as we could. Today we work happily alongside other solutions that work particularly well for individuals, which allows us to focus on what we do that is unique.

What we do is, of course, transparency and collective action, and we will continue to focus on this. What we missed was the part we can play in the story of individual maintainers.

It is clear now the role we have is to support individual maintainers on a journey toward sustainability. That their registering with us is a signal that they care about transparency and collaboration, values that we share and believe are positive for the future sustainability of their projects.

Make no mistake, the terms of our hosting agreement have not changed; they always have, and continue to center on the project, not the individual. But we are here to support you to grow in every way we can, and we apologise for this brief misstep.
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Sascha Eggenberger

Posted on November 4, 2022

Thank you!

Dread Knight

Posted on November 4, 2022

Good to hear. This was really stressing me out tbh.
I would really want to have a partner for my project @AncientBeast but I don't want to rush things for the sake of it just because rules around here say so. It's kinda like parents constantly stressing me out to get married and have babies, meh...

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