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Submit Expenses In Your Own Currency
Published on July 25, 2022 by Benjamin Nickolls

Today we're enabling our Collectives to submit expenses in their own currency.

Open Source Collective hosts over 3,000 Open Source projects on the Open Collective Platform. Though we're based in the USA we support projects worldwide, helping maintainers raise and manage money through our fiscal sponsorship program. For projects outside of the USA exchange rate fluctuations can cause problems, which we're solving with multi-currency support. 

Here's what the team said on the initial Beta release back in April:

When submitting an invoice or reimbursement you can now choose to submit in the currency of the Collective, or the currency of your payment method. We'll automatically select your local currency if using a bank account (and our payment provider Wise supports it) and we support all of the currencies provided by Paypal. When making a payment you will receive the full amount in the currency you selected, regardless of fluctuations in currency rates. 

After three months of testing, we're confident that we can support our international projects and payees, so we've enabled this feature for all projects hosted by Open Source Collective.
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