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Apple M1 Processor support has been archived.

Apple M1 Processor support has been archived and is no longer active.

Apple M1 Processor support

Part of: Orthanc

Adaptation of our build processes in order to distribute Orthanc executables for the Apple M1 processor


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We currently only have an old 7 years Intel based Mac Mini to build our OSX binaries.
We need to purchase an Apple M1 Mac + adapt all our build process and release procedure for this new platform. 

This will also allow us to better document/validate integrations with Horos/Osirix

This project requires a budget around 3000 EUR:
- between 800 - 1500 EUR to purchase an Apple M1 Mac Mini or iMac
- around 2000 EUR of manpower

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Apple M1 Processor support is all of us

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