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Published on May 10, 2022 by Alain Mazy

Dear Orthanc Community,

Several new releases are available!

Orthanc 1.11.0 is now available, adding mainly the ability to store more DICOM Tags in the DB which allow great performance improvements in C-Find, DICOMWeb and Rest API tools/find route.  It also come with a new Housekeeper plugin that will update the DB to include these new extra DICOM Tags in resources already stored in Orthanc. Check out the full release notes.

DICOMWeb 1.8 has also been released to benefit from Orthanc 1.11.0 optimization.  Check out the full release notes.

Native Apple M1 processor support has been added in the latest MacOS package which means that I will now close the specific Apple M1 OpenCollective project.

Note that these optimizations in Orthanc 1.11.0 are a prerequisite for me to finalize a first alpha release of the Orthanc Explorer 2 User Interface which I'll try to release later this week.

All these new versions are bundled in:
- the osimis/orthanc:22.5.1 Docker image
- the Windows installers (32bits and 64bits)

Thanks again for your support !

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Stéphane Hulard

Posted on May 10, 2022

Hello !

Awesome, thank you for your work !