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 We want to build a network of support focused on ensuring people have their basic needs met and more- (bread for all, and roses too) connection & purpose, whilst shifting power! 

 -Trauma work and emotional processing needs to run through everything we do, within our own small group as well as when we begin to widen and reach out.  
- Letter writing and visits: why?- breaking isolation (between people inside & outside) and forming meaningful relationships that might lead to collaboration.  
- Commission people (inside & outside prison) to write stories/poems/art- publish in our newspaper/zine/podcasts. Why?-validate peoples skills and talent. Help people earn money in meaningful ways. Share the money with people who need it. 
- ‘OUT’ (Open Up and Transform): Drop in space for people who’ve come out of prison. Food, art, music, letter writing, growing
 -Conflict Resolution: practical support for people experiencing conflict in their own lives and talking through possible scenarios. 
- Find out how to connect those with resources with people coming out of prison who are in need.

 -Create learning resources:abolitionist ideas in accessible relatable formats, based around peoples stories that we’ve gathered, AND critical research about systems and society. e.g. zine, newspaper, podcast, children’s media (nursery rhymes, picture books) a play. 
- Put on events and workshops. e.g. conflict resolution, bystander intervention, co-councelling, transformative justice, the history of the police and prisons, facilitation training, trauma theory and therapy, polyvagal theory, etc.
-Find out how to widen circle, reach new audiences, build relationships and collaborate with other groups, e.g.  Prisoner solidarity groups, Neighbourhood parliament, This Place project, Rooted in Hull, etc

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