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Invoice #205289 to Participay Fund

Activist council work March - May

Invoice #205289
activist council

Submitted by Živilė MantrimaitėApproved by Ricarda Lamprecht

Jun 3, 2024

Invoice items
AC council work, including AC coordination, application reviews, PGM wg processes and contribution to strategic check-ins
Date: June 3, 2024
€2,237.50 EUR

Total amount €2,237.50 EUR

Additional Information


Participay Fund@participay-fund
€45,675.83 EUR

payout method

Bank account

By Živilė Mantrimaitėon
Expense created
By Ricarda Lamprechton
Expense approved

Collective balance
€45,675.83 EUR

Fiscal Host
Guerrilla Foundation

Expense policies
What are our 'recommended hourly rates'?
  • 75 EUR/hour for application review, grant candidate scouting, participation in decision-making calls, desk research, written feedback   
  • 100 EUR/hour for an individual consultation/coaching call where you share expertise with us/another person from our network (includes short preparation and/or a follow-up email)
  • 150 EUR/hour for hosting/facilitating a session for several people with minimal preparation (content is known/already there)
  • 200 EUR/hour for hosting a session for which new content has to be developed  
Those rates include VAT. There are two possible invoice templates for you to use depending on whether you are VAT exempt or not (depends on your country and current tax status):

1. If you are VAT exempt, you should charge the full hourly amount and explicitly specify your VAT exemption (see template)

2. If you are not VAT exempt, the VAT % of the country you are invoicing from should be detailed and VAT should be specified for the amounts you're charging. Please keep in mind that the suggested rates above are considered to already include VAT. This means you need to deduct your VAT from the compensation payment so that the overall sum including VAT equals the hourly rate.
> Use this INVOICE TEMPLATE case 2.

Should you have any doubt or questions or needs regarding invoices and how to bill for compensation, you can email [email protected]

Does not feel right for you? Hand in your invoice with the compensation that would feel fair to you and explain your choice in the personal note (not public) that you can add to your claim. We will get back to you if we don't agree and will pay you if we do. 

Activist Council members should add their annual 2500 EUR flow fund to their first invoice of the year. Please add a separate line in the invoice with 'Annual Council Member compensation'. 


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

€45,675.83 EUR