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👋 Hi, this is Peter from Taiwan 🇹🇼

I'm an active free & Open Source enthusiast, contributor, promoter and user, contribute to hundreds of open source project and maintain dozens of free and open source projects for 6+ years, also the main maintainer of @cdnjs, @nodejs Docker image, @transmission-remote-gui projects 🚀

Free and open source software is now everywhere, the freedom in it is awesome, and it's wonderful to build applications upon existing, high quality, popular and free projects. Most of the Internet companies and services are powered by open source software, without open source software, the world would be different.

We open source contributors are more than happy to change the world by our knowledge and our time, to make more awesome software, to fix more annoying bugs that make users unhappy. However, we also need to pay for bills to keep us alive, just like you, so that we can do what we love - open source contribution without worrying our meals and bills, and a sponsorship can help with it.

Here are two reasons why you should consider to sponsor open source projects and maintainers:

  • It helps us to make sure that we can continue to maintain and develop the projects without worrying about life
  • It's a good way to give back to your favorite projects and those projects which helped improve your development work or life!

My goal is to become a full-time open source software maintainer and contributor, create more awesome projects and make sure the projects I maintain and contribute to is healthy and sustainable, through sponsoring from individuals, and from companies, which I prefer, you can help me achieve the goal, let's make a world together 🤘!

Thank you for your time and your sponsoring

- Peter