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PHP Community Foundation promotes the advancement of the PHP programming language and supports the growth of a diverse and international community of PHP programmers.

PHP Community Foundation and the global PHP community welcome and encourage participation by everyone. Our community is based on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement, and we are working to help each other live up to these principles. We want our community to be more diverse: whoever you are, and whatever your background, we welcome you.

PHP Community Foundation:
  • Publicizes, promotes the adoption of, and facilitates the ongoing development of PHP-related technology and educational resources. This includes, but is not limited to, maintaining a public web site, offering grants to PHP-related open source projects, and providing resources and support to PHP user groups and conferences.
  • Encourages and facilitates PHP-related research in the public interest.
  • Solicits contributions to the PHP codebase and may perform these services on behalf of other open source PHP-related codebases.
  • Raises funds to support foundation programs and services.

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