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New Website and PixiJS Universe
Published on February 26, 2023 by Matt Karl
We have some exciting news to share with you today. We're happy to announce that we now have a beta version of our new website live and ready for you to check out. Our goal is to make the website a central hub for all things PixiJS, with us...
AMA - Monday May 23rd
Published on May 20, 2022 by Matt Karl
The PixiJS team is hosting a live 'ask me anything' event next Monday! A chance to literally ask ask anything you want. PixiJS, #webGL,...
New Year, New Projects
Published on December 28, 2020 by Matt Karl
It's been a struggle of a year for everyone as evidenced by our lack of updates. While the project is humming along, everyone on the team has been feeling rather stretched thin. We are hoping that a new year will also bring a renewed energy...
TypeScript ConversionIt has taken six months during a global pandemic but PixiJS' conversion to TypeScript has finally been completed. There are so many people who helped us achieve this monumental task. Thank you to everyone who p...
PixiJS and COVID Update
Published on April 14, 2020 by Matt Karl
Last week, I asked the core team on Slack how everyone was doing. All our team is spread all over the world, but everyone seemed to be feeling the stress and realities of trying to get a lot done from home with kids, work and competing p...
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