Platform 6 Development Co-operative

A platform co-op crowdsourcing innovation, funding and expertise to grow the cooperative economy


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We are fiscally hosting 12 Collectives


Host since May 2020

328 contributors


Host since July 2020

72 contributors

Host since February 2020

65 contributors

Host since November 2019

13 contributors



Host since April 2019

6 contributors

Host since August 2019

3 contributors

P6 Community


Host since January 2019

3 contributors

York Collective


Host since November 2019

2 contributors

Team Earth


Host since April 2020

2 contributors



Host since June 2019

1 contributor

Britain For all


Host since September 2020

1 contributor

Host since October 2020


Host since May 2019

Host since December 2020


Let’s get the ball rolling! This is where things get planned and sometimes this is where things get done. Ask questions, thank people for their efforts, and contribute your skills to the service of the community.


Transparent and open finances.

Host Fees November 2020

by Platform 6 Development Co-operative12/1/2020


Host Fees October 2020

by Platform 6 Development Co-operative11/3/2020


Initial funds from Potting Shed

from Platform 6 Development Co-operative10/10/2019


Today’s balance

-£59.05 GBP

Estimated annual budget

~ £40.95 GBP


We're a platform co-operative with the goal of being an innovative engine for the creation and support of other new and existing co-operatives. A mutual incubator. Our open P2P support model will enable us to crowdsource innovation, finance and support, and open up new opportunities to expand the co-operative sector.

We're bringing co-operative development into the era of the digital platform. Our mission is to build a rich, sustaining community of interest and active support, providing a nurturing environment for new co-op projects that can help to accelerate their early stage development and which grows strong relationships of mutual support over the long term.

The co-operative values and principles that underpin our approach are closely aligned with those of the free/libre open source software movement, and we think that the co-operative business model offers real potential to address some of the big challenges of sustainability in the FLOSS world.

We're providing a co-operative host here on Open Collective to encourage and support new co-operative start-ups, enabling them to raise funds from their crowd without the burden of needing to incorporate or set up a bank account.


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