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Poly186 has been archived.

Poly186 has been archived and is no longer active.


Poly Ecosystem empowers you through our primary and secondary platforms, along with product and services that enable you to create, simulate, manufacture and distribute solutions that localize automation of the production and distribution of basic needs


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A complex web of ancient social contracts lies at the root of our modern civilization. The wicked problems we suffer from arise from using this archaic system of social contracts to design, build, deploy, maintain and sell products and services that provide basic needs.

Poly186 updates our outdated social systems by combining the smart contract and the social contract theory to build Smart Social Contracts. Producers (Creators [ Individuals, Organizations, and Machines] and Investors) weave a new social fabric using Smart Social Contracts as they design, build, deploy, maintain and sell secondary platforms, products, and services that provide basic needs; Food, Energy, Infrastructure, and Knowledge. Consumers complete our new societal fabric’s value system by purchasing these products and services to satisfy their basic needs.

Smart Social Contract (SSC) is an explicit agreement on collaboration rules among Producers recorded on smart contracts to cooperate for mutual benefits. Using SSCs, Producers collaborate within Makerspaces, Quality Control Spaces, Marketplaces, and Distribution Spaces, all in the form of either Virtual Reality environments or physical Poly186 franchisee environments. An SSC automatically executes the rights and rewards on fulfillment of prescribed conditions. Some of these rewards come in the form of P8 as payment for time, energy, and capital investments. The value of P8 perpetually grows over time given its use in:

  • Paying Producers to design, build, deploy and maintain Poly186
  • Paying Producers to design, build, deploy and maintain 6 Secondary Platforms along with each product and service
  • Paying Producers to design, build, deploy and maintain the Poly186 AI DAO Protocol
  • Consumers purchasing products and services from Poly186’s Virtual and Physical Marketplaces

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