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The first newsletter is out + we have grant money

Check out our first PopSchools newsletter issue 🎉We have money to distribute!Check out th...
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Published on May 2, 2020 by Nikema

Look at our sponsor button 👀❤️ + new issue templates

I merged the first pull request on https://github.com/PopSchools/popschools.org today. We have issue templates! I am super excited about this and will start using...
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Published on April 18, 2020 by Nikema

Our home on GitHub

PopSchools.org is an open source community. We are in the process of setting things up so that people across disciplines and skill levels can contribute. If you are interested, keep an eye on our
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Published on April 16, 2020 by Nikema


Let’s get the ball rolling! This is where things get planned and sometimes this is where things get done. Ask questions, thank people for their efforts, and contribute your skills to the service of the community.

PopSchools' work is collective work. Are you with me?

Published on April 13, 2020 by Nikema

My work with PopSchools has always been about community. The problems I faced that led me to this work can only and have only been solved by collective action. As a single mom, who made a conscious decision to homeschool my children, I w...


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My Patron pledges just hit my bank account. $15 is about 10% of my net monthly pledges. I've made a public commitment to pay it forward

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PopSchools.org is a collective community effort. We are currently building the PopSchools community primarily through our newsletter, GitHub, and here on open collective. Our website is under construction but you can expect to find out more about us, what we do, and who has supported us there soon.

PopSchools.org is meant to create access to a safe and inclusive community, mutual aid, and paying work opportunities through apprenticeships to early-career software developers. We also aim to create openings at the beginning of the tech talent pipeline by creating programs that reach and teach people who have little or no experience in tech or software development.