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Your Ultimate Handheld Linux Port Manager for various linux handheld devices with a great community and features.


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This device has no wifi, and no appeal to buy. But if you want it to have PortMaster that badly, we'll need at least 2 dev units.

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Welcome to PortMaster's Open Collective 

Hello, PortMaster Community!
From the outset, PortMaster was more than just a project; it became a movement, driven by a shared passion for gaming, innovation, and the spirit of collaboration. What began as a simple tool has flourished into a vast repository and a vibrant community dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on handheld and retro devices. Our journey from a modest collection of ports to a comprehensive platform is a story written by each of you—developers, porters, contributors, and supporters.

Our Mission
PortMaster stands as a beacon for those who cherish classic gaming, offering an easy pathway to rediscover and enjoy the games of yesteryear on modern devices. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the simplicity of retro gaming and the complexities of current technology, ensuring that these treasures are accessible to all.

Our Open Collective: A Pathway, Not a Requirement
In the spirit of transparency and community, we introduce our Open Collective. This initiative is not born out of necessity but from a desire to offer a pathway for those who wish to contribute more directly to the future enhancements and expansions of PortMaster.

Your Contributions: A Catalyst for Growth 

While our project thrives on the volunteer efforts and immense dedication of our community, financial contributions can serve as a catalyst for growth, enabling us to: 
  • Expand Device Support: Funds may assist in acquiring new development units for testing and development, broadening our support for a wider range of devices.
  • Enrich Our Game Library: Contributions could help in acquiring licenses for games that can be ported, thereby expanding our collection.
  • Enhance Infrastructure: Future enhancements, such as upgrading our build server, could be realized more swiftly with additional resources.

Our Commitment to You 

  • Equality and Transparency: There will be no special treatment or additional privileges for contributors. Every member of our community is valued equally, and every form of contribution, be it time, expertise, or financial, is appreciated and respected.
  • Voluntary Participation: Contributing financially is entirely optional. The core of PortMaster remains its community—your engagement, enthusiasm, and support are the foundation of everything we do.

The Future is Bright
With your support, the possibilities for PortMaster are endless. Whether you choose to contribute financially, by sharing your skills, or simply by being an active member of our community, you are an integral part of our journey. 

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to PortMaster in any form. Your support, dedication, and passion for gaming have made PortMaster what it is today. Together, we will continue to build and improve this extraordinary platform for everyone to enjoy their favorite games, ensuring a rich gaming heritage for generations to come. 

Our team