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Parker Village: Community Resilience Initiative

The Parker Village Community Resilience Initiative supports Highland Park residents with food and water distribution, life and job skills training, and emergency assistance.


Parker Village: Community Resilience Initiative is all of us

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Parker Village is a smart neighborhood development project, started in 2015 by lifelong Highland Parker Juan Shannon, centered around sustainability and community benefit. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Parker Village has been operating as a community resilience hub providing food, essential items and emergency response to the Highland Park, Michigan community as a member of the Highland Park Community Crisis Coalition. We are launching the Parker Villager: Community Resilience Initiative to provide ongoing support for this communtiy service work, which many members of the nearby communtiy have come to rely upon.

Donations to the Parker Villager Communtiy Resilience Initiate will support the staffing, supplies, and necessary tools, equipment and infrastructure for this work. This includes the operation of a 200 bed urban farm, distribution of food and water to the community, provision of emergency support, and supporting communtiy members with life and job skills training.

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