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The cooperative route to fair, sustainable and independent open access academic publishing.


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Quartz OA Awards want to support LGBTQIA+ scientists and initiatives to make academia a better - more inclusive and equal - place. That’s why we a... Read more

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Quartz OA is the cooperative route to fair, sustainable and independent open access academic publishing.
We seek to bring economic sustainability to scholar-led independent open access publishing and to mobilise a community that will proactively engage in transitioning the academic publishing system towards a fair, just, sustainable and independent open access. 

This crowdfunding infrastructure is one of our first steps on the journey to developing an ecosystem enabling exchanges of services and contributions – both financial and in-kind – between the journals and publishers, individual academics, and institutions/libraries. It is part of our pilot which aims at testing our technology and bootstrapping a supportive community around independent open access publishers.

Through open collective, we are acting as an umbrella organisation to help channel funding to independent scholar-led publishing initiatives. Since quite a few of these are either unsure about their legal status or are not registered as legal entities, this mechanism will facilitate their funding helping them avoid the administrative hustle.

Learn more about Quartz OA, our vision for the future of just and fair open access, our values and technology: visit our website and read our white paper.

Also, please read our Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship, acceptance criteria and FAQ.

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