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re:storied is a community space for transformative communications in service to life.


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We are very grateful for the incredibly rich and inspiring re:storied launch workshop!The great feedback and the number of people who decided to share their time with us to co-create a new story about communications have left us humbled.If...
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Published on March 11, 2024 by Emilie Grau


Our space gathers passionate creatives, connectors, and healers. We make communications, marketing and PR an exponential and essential force of healing, meaning and aliveness.

At a time of division, we’re bringing together those that re-connect, re-fertilise and re-enchant communities and places. We celebrate diversity, fresh honesty and a playful way of co-creating together. We birth new potential by channeling attention to where it is needed within today’s toxic attention economy.

Regenerative communications have profound implications for how we go about branding, events, strategy, stakeholder development and audience engagement. We harvest the wisdom from nature and marginalised perspectives to design for flow and systemic breakthroughs in communication ecosystems.

Our workshops, community, resource library, coaching and growing network supports you in distilling your essence and attracting what is needed in your ecosystem. Our subscription offers thriving pathways for your brand, stakeholder and multimedia development. 

Let us take you on an immersive experience that embraces your wild and playful sides. To do that, we believe in the power of dancing with nature, nourishing the wisdom of our soul, and experiencing the power of community-hosted and place-anchored conversations.

Are you ready for weaving thriving webs of communications with the wisdom within, between and beyond worlds? 

We are ready to welcome you in, 
Jean-Philippe Steeger, Emilie Grau, Niels Devisscher

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