Nenad Maljković

REconomy CoP Coordinator

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Cultural creative, network entrepreneur and permaculture designer with particular interest in social and economic aspects of permaculture, effective collaboration in groups and in virtual teams for systemic change. Champion of permaculture, Transition and Modern Agile principles in social change groups and organisations at any scale. Enabler of local, bioregional and global high-trust networks for systemic change towards regenerative cultures through dialogic collaboration.

On my blog, Virtual Teams for Systemic Change, I'm promoting skillful remote collaboration between Transitioners on levels of scale beyond local Transition Initiatives.

REconomy Community of Practice coordinator. ECOLISE Council member. In Croatia: co-founder and current coordinator of Transition Hub, Croatian Permaculture Association member, cluster coordinator at Cooperative for Ethical Financing. Rumi translator.

Working globally from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, in Europe. More HERE.