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Declarative AJAX requests and automatic network state management for Redux


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The first 1.0.0 release

The first 1.0.0 version was just released, but this is just a beginning!Things which could come next:more drivers, maybe local driver which could allow using this library for local state too?more effects, like takeLeadingdeclarative persist...
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Published on July 21, 2020 by Konrad Lisiczyński


Declarative AJAX requests and automatic network state management for Redux

Just actions
Just dispatch actions and enjoy automatic AJAX requests and network state management

First class aborts support
Automatic and configurable requests aborts, which increases performance
and prevents race condition bugs before they even happen

Drivers driven
Compatible with anything for server communication. Axios, Fetch API,
GraphQL, promise libraries, mocking? No problem! You can also integrate
it with other ways by writing a custom driver!

Batch requests
Define multiple requests in single action

Optimistic updates
Update remote data before receiving server response to improve perceived performance

Cache server response forever or for a defined time period to decrease
amount of network calls

 Data normalisation
Use automatic data normalisation in GraphQL Apollo fashion, but for anything, including REST!

 Server side rendering
Configure SSR totally on Redux level and write truly universal code
between client and server

React bindings
Use react bindings to decrease code amount with React even more

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