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All donations we receive in 2021 are going directly into the Resonate renewal, and funding our co-op workers.

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Recurring contribution


All donations we receive in 2021 are going directly into the Resonate renewal, and funding our co-op workers.

Starts at€100 EUR / month

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Timothée Goguely

100 EUR since Oct 2019

rich jensen

50 EUR since Nov 2019

Augustin Godiscal

25 EUR since Oct 2017


Sublime Exile Recordings

10 EUR since Jan 2021

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Augustin Godi...


€25 EUR

Timothée Goguely


€100 EUR

rich jensen


€50 EUR



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Resonate is the world’s first co-operative music streaming service - democratically governed by its artists, listener-members, and workers. We believe that music is art, not content to be exploited- we are providing a cornerstone of a new ecosystem based on transparency, dignity, agency, and the social power of music.

We have a fair and ethical user-centric payment model called stream2own, in stark contrast to other corporate digitial service providers, which are weighted in favour of the major labels over independent artists. All co-op members are co-owners of the platform - and Resonate is run by a small core team. 

There are many different ways you can support our everyday work and the ongoing development of Resonate co-op. 

Resonate co-op needs to raise at least 15,000 euros by the end of 2021 to complete the current stage of the Resonate renewal and fulfill our payroll commitments to our tech team and essential workers who are developing the co-op. 

The Resonate Renewal includes – a new player with playlisting, embed and genre search functions, automatic artist and label upload function, a completely new website with a new back-end to handle metadata, accounting and payments for artists and the co-op, the development of the Resonate discourse forum, and much much more..

Other ways to support us, including Resonate merch, supporter shares, using our player to listen to music and joining the co-op can be found here