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Collective is responsive to a need for an immediate representation of artists, balancing responsibility with decentralised organisation.


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Rezgauche organises a benefit sale to raise funds for the creation of an economy of solidarity be...

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Our purpose is an open invitation to artists, commoners and organisations within and beyond already developed communities and extensive networks. is reshaping commoning: thinking, developing and practising inclusive structures that balance responsibility, resources and stakeholdership with participation and decentralised forms of organisation.

Our activities


Softly We Entered Another Truth is rethinking work through practice. It wants to put into question the value of the body: its products, services and experiences.
S.W.E.A.T. asks: What is performance when placed in a context of a non-essential, an insubstantial form of art? How can performance art extend beyond a notion of labour time, or beyond valorisation of excessive (re)actions?
Artists are invited to experiment and present the process in an informal, professional, post-work society. Frequency and format of presentation is following the artistic process. Resources, benefits, risks and responsibilities are shared.
Softly We Entered Another Truth functions as an experimental practice of a life beyond capitalist consumer culture and engages participants through displacement into artistic practice, love and care.

Art Research

A.R. is an open space for engaging with the research process of the participants. It shapes itself along the artistic research proposals by the artists present. The participants can share research with each other, reflect on each others work, but can also just work by themselves. Art Research can be open to the public and guests can be invited, whenever the researchers want to include this in their process.
A.R. happens monthly or bi-monthly, and can include the participants of the A.i.R.

How to participate

A.i.R. launches an open call in summer of 2021, inviting artists to apply for a residency.
The residency can be one, two or three weeks in duration.
Artists can apply as individuals or as part of a collective, an organisation, etc.
The applicant needs to define the starting date of their residency.
A project description is requested, with emphasis to BE PRACTICAL in the proposal - with openness to changes according to the project’s situation/inspiration during the residency.
The applicant is requested to describe the economy of their proposal: values, consumption, production, funds, donations, exchange, benefits, etc. 

The A.i.R. selection criteria are based on:
  1. complete application
  2. inclusivity: how to make it possible?
  3. time-space compatibility
  4. available resources
  5. desire for responsibility
Artistic autonomy of persons in residence and artist’s care for the workspace: before, during and after their residency - are considered important. The decisions for selection are made by the stakeholders of and will happen through a participants meeting, and/or by online voting on the proposals in our dao rez-gauche.sputnik-dao.near


To become a participant, to support, benefit and develop its financial structure, a collective fund is organised through
This allows for a transparent insight in the funds, costs and expenses of
The fiscal host Open Collective Brussels takes care of the financial administration.
Donation and funding can be requested and received through and the fiscal host can provide tax deductible proofs for persons and organisations that would like to finance, fund, support and sponsor Employment in can happen through the Smart Activity, for example by invoicing opencollective.

Sputnik Dao

To become a stakeholder of and decide on its participants' proposals, A.i.R. projects, budget, etc. the formation of a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and/or a disCO (Distributed Cooperative organisation) will be developed/practiced.
To develop this practice,’s stakeholders form and join our dao on the Near protocol blockchain. This makes it possible for persons to engage with’s organisation remotely and asynchronously - i.e. wherever you have internet access and at your own rhythm.
The Near blockchain has very low network fees, human readable addresses, fast transaction times, proof of stake, the aurora bridge for cross chain transactions, and is climate neutral - therefore making sputnik dao an interesting decentralised technology to start with when compared to aragon on ethereum, or the disco tech stack which is, at the time of writing this text, still in its development stage.

In a later stage will research the possibility of developing a specific smart contract for its location and its activities, an nft format with the technology on the Near network.
Documentation will be made available to new participants and help provided where needed to develop the dao, and voting on its proposals with participants and stakeholders.

our roadmap


  • 11 initial idea and desire for this experiment. read article
  • 12 proposal for creating a sustainable economy for artist ecosystem. read article


  • 1 - 4

    • build and launch website version 1.0

    • prepare AK exposition

    • prepare Motion workshop

  • 5 - 7

    • AK exposition

    • Motion workshop

    • Launch open call

  • 8 - 9

  • 10 - 11

    • build website version 2.0

    • test case smart contract A.i.R

  • 12

    • launch website 2.0

    • cooperative stakeholders business plan A.i.R

    • contact partners


  • 1 - 6

    • apply for/gather funds for starting phase

    • initiate seed funding round 1: founders

    • residencies, activities and events

    • beta phase smart contract

  • 7 - 8

    • compile year planning 2023

    • develop website version 3.0

  • 9 - 12

    • seed funding round 2: investors

    • residencies, activities and events

    • apply for funding development phase


  • 1 - 2

    • extend into global networks

    • define public foundation (art, disparity, ecology)

  • 2 - 6

    • residencies, activities and events

    • apply for EU funding Employment, A.i.R. and Activities

    • develop economy of solidarity

  • 7 - 8

    • compile year planning 2024

    • apply for funding economy of solidarity

    • develop public foundation

  • 9 - 12

    • launch website 3.0

    • alpha phase smart contract

    • residencies, activities and events

    • seed funding round 3: economy of solidarity

    • strategic real estate & ecological development


  • 1 - 6

    • launch public foundation

    • residencies, activities and events

  • 7 - 8

    • evaluation of 2020-2024 four year plan

    • compile year planning 2025

  • 9 - 12

    • develop next roadmap


email: [email protected]
address: Theodore Verhaegenstraat 154/rdc L, B-1060 Brussels, Belgium
telephone: +32 488 367 723
employment administration: Verenigde Producties vzw, activiteit nr. 06349 transdisciplinary art foundation / Rue Coenraets 72, B-1060 Brussels / V.A.T. BE 0896.755.397

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