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Rogers Park Food Not Bombs

Fiscal Host: Lucy Parsons Labs

Rogers Park Food Not Bombs is a collective that rescues food from the waste stream and gets it to folks who need it, no questions asked, while supporting local movements to combat oppression and inequity.

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PO Box Rent and Maintenance Fund

"PO Box Rent and Maintenance Fund" is a monthly goal of $600. Our hope is that folks who care about both PO Bx and FNB can contribute to one fund a... Read more

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Donate $5 a month, this helps an unhoused person attain a transit card.

$5 USD / month

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$25 covers hot coffee in the park for the month. Help us sustain our work to care for our neighbors.

$25 USD / month

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$50 covers a tent for an unhoused person. Help us continue to respond to community needs with abundance.

$50 USD / month

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$100 provides sanitation and PPE supplies for our weekly distribution for the month. Help us meet growing community needs.

$100 USD / month

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My name is Jes and every year I raise money for my birthday, 12/24. This year I am excited to raise funds for Rogers Park Food Not Bombs! My goal i... Read more

$867.60 USD of $500 USD raised (174%)

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Eli Mauskopf

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$700 USD since Jun 2023

Jen G

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$650 USD since Oct 2022

Karen-Rose Gilbert

$575 USD since Jun 2022

Em G.

$575 USD since Jun 2022

Isaac Estep

$500 USD since Aug 2022

Jung M.

$475 USD since Jun 2022

Hannah Kardon

$475 USD since Sep 2022

Ellie Kleiman

$400 USD since Dec 2022


Lucy Parsons Labs

$6,000 USD since May 2022


Rogers Park Food Not Bombs distributes food, no questions asked, no IDs required, weekly in our Chicago neighborhood of Rogers Park. Check out our Facebook page for our current schedule!

Our focus is on diverting food from the waste stream to get it directly to folks who need it. The founding Food Not Bombs chapter was formed out of anti-nuclear weapons protests in Boston in 1980. Chapters now exist across the globe and highlight the inequities of a society that prioritizes war instead of caring for one another. Our chapter has been in Rogers Park in one form or another for over ten years. In addition to holding weekly distro events, we often collaborate with other collectives to support local movements. We work with local grocery stores, distributors, restaurants and markets to collect food that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to the community, building relationships with local suppliers and neighbors in the process. 

Our focus is aligned with mutual aid rather than state or non-profit efforts. Mutual aid recognizes that the same state mechanisms that create resource scarcity cannot be used to heal it and works to build stronger communities based in solidarity. Rather than simply fill needs to survive oppressive conditions, we want to create flourishing communities! Mutual aid is intended to empower those participating in it, inviting collaboration and community organization. This is distinct from charity, which often moves wealth from the top down without being able to address the systems that create wealth and resource gaps. We know that capitalism creates a world in which food is scarce, and people are alienated from one another. At our core, we believe that mutual aid is a commitment to building joy and power by forming bonds of solidarity and care with our neighbors.

Donations to RPFNB are tax deductible, with thanks to our fiscal sponsor Lucy Parsons Labs (EIN 81-3046769).

If you don't have a debit or credit card, you can donate on PayPal here. You can also support us by ordering one of our super cool RPFNB t-shirts through Tee Mart, a local Black-owned business!
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El enfoque de Comida No Bombas es desviar la comida del flujo de la basura y darla a nuestra comunidad que la necesita. El primer grupo de Comida No Bombas se fundó desde una protesta contra armas nucleares en Boston en 1980. Ahora, los grupos de Comida No Bombas existen globalmente y muestran las desigualdades de una sociedad que prioriza la guerra en vez de cuidarse uno al otro. Nuestro grupo de Comida No Bombas ha existido en Rogers Park por más de 10 años. Además de distribuir comida semanalmente, frecuentemente colaboramos con otros colectivos para apoyar movimientos locales. Colaboramos con supermercados, restaurantes, distribuidores, y mercados locales para recoger comida que si no sería desperdiciada. La distribuimos a nuestra comunidad, y en el proceso, construimos relaciones con proveedores de comida y nuestros vecinos.

Nuestro enfoque está alineado con ayuda mutua en vez de ayuda del estado o de organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro o caridades. La ayuda mutua reconoce que las mismas fuerzas del estado que crean la escasez de recursos no pueden remediarla. En vez, la ayuda mutua trabaja para construir comunidades más fuertes basadas en solidaridad. Más bien que simplemente satisfacer las necesidades para sobrevivir en condiciones opresivas, queremos crear comunidades que puedan florecer! La ayuda mutua debe apoderar a quienes participan en ella, invitar colaboración, y organizar nuestra comunidad. Eso es diferente que la caridad, que en general mueve riqueza y recursos de arriba hacia abajo, pero no puede cambiar los sistemas que crean la brecha de riqueza y falta de recursos. Sabemos que el capitalismo crea un mundo en que la comida es escasa y la gente está aislada uno del otro. Creemos fuertemente que la ayuda mutua es un compromiso para crear alegría y construir poder mediante la formación de una red de solidaridad y cuidado con nuestros vecinos.

Donaciones a Comida no Bombas de Rogers Park son deducibles de impuestos, gracias a nuestro patrocinador fiscal–
Lucy Parsons Labs (EIN 81-3046769).

Para hacer una donación en PayPal, haz click aquí. También puedes apoyarnos en comprar una camisa super cool de Comida No Bombas de Rogers Park en Tee Mart, una empresa local de negocio de propiedad de Afro Americanos! 


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News from Rogers Park Food Not Bombs

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PO Box Rent and Maintenance

Food Not Bombs has created a monthly goal on our Open Collective titled "PO Box Rent and Maintenance" in the hopes that folks who care about both PO Bx and FNB can contribute to one fund and help both organizations! PO Box Collective is our...
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Published on March 18, 2023 by Carly G.

Birthday Fundraiser!

Hello! My name is Jes and every year I raise money for my birthday, 12/24. This year I am excited to raise funds for Rogers Park Food Not Bombs! My goal is to reach at least $500. Can you please help me get there? What would $500 mean to Fo...
Read more
Published on December 1, 2022 by RPFNB

Summer supply funding drive

With our new Open Collective site up and running, we are launching our Summer 2022 funding drive! RPFNB only functions with community support and we need supplies to continue to safely feed our community at weekly food distro events. In add...
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Published on June 8, 2022 by Jen G


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