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"The mission of RUMAH is to serve as a point of connection for the Raleigh community. We aim to curate spaces for people of all backgrounds and affinities to come together, share resources and skills, and unify in action behind our shared ideals."

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     The mission of the Raleigh United Mutual Aid Hub is to serve as a point of connection between the residents, communities, and mutual aid projects in and around Raleigh, NC. We strive to develop accessible spaces for people of all backgrounds and affinities to come together, build solidarity, share resources and skills, host events and workshops, and unify in action behind our shared ideals.

Our first course of action is to provide a stable space for Food Not Bombs Raleigh and support their mutual aid operations. From there forward we seek to bring together our local community organizations through mutual aid events, civic engagement and a public space to utilize.

     We started as volunteers with Food Not Bombs Raleigh and we've been inspired to build an open community space that supplements a variety needs. Like most growing metropolitan areas, rampant gentrification and rising property values are displacing lower income neighborhoods, communal spaces, and small businesses. We are losing our city to big business and rich real estate investors. We want to take back space of our own in order to combat displacement and help create a mutual aid system that functions outside of the city's capitalist norms.

Our goal to achieve is enough monthly sustainers pledging to cover rent and utilities. We encourage any donations but will ultimately need dedicated monthly donations to ensure stability of the space. Along with finding a space, we plan on potentially partnering with a local business or art collective to go in on a location. Once we secure a space, we will hold fundraising events throughout the year as well as community engagement events such as Gardening 101, social justice workshops, harm reduction accessibility and The Oak City Really Really Free Market (an event for people to bring their excess and give away for free such as clothes, food, furniture etc.)

We want to fund-raise regularly at minimum two to three times the monthly expenses for rent, utilities and then some for upkeep at the communal space. We are gauging to have at least $6000 saved before moving forward with the right location. In the event that a space is never acquired and we have to close this project, ALL funds will be redirected to Food Not Bombs Raleigh. Please consider donating and joining us on our community building journey!

For further inquiries contact us here:
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Food Not Bombs Raleigh OCF Page: