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Open Collective
Sunday community outreach day: Nov 6, 2022
Published on November 18, 2022 by Chad Loder

Every Sunday, our community organizers gather to serve a community of at least 120 unhoused people in the South Bay area. At least 70 unhoused neighbors came to our table today for free food and medical care.

We provide free food, clothing, hygiene kits, harm reduction supplies, pet food, tents, and sleeping bags for our unhoused community.

Many of our unhoused neighbors adopt and care for pets. Pets are an important source of companionship, protection, and literal warmth on cold nights! We help to provide pet food and veterinary care for people's pets as well.

Small gestures like remembering and celebrating people's birthdays are an important way to stay connected with our neighbors.  A humanizing gesture like remembering someone's birthday and their favorite kind of cake is more important than people realize!

When society treats you as inhuman, when the city tries to exterminate you and treats you like a pest, something as simple as a birthday celebration with your favorite cake is a reminder that you are not alone - that you are still part of the human family.

We work with our neighbors 7 days a week. Besides our weekly outreach event, we also do court support, we help people survive sweeps, we take folks to the doctor, to the DMV to get IDs, to DPSS to get their benefits cards, and we register them to vote.

Thank you for your continued support! It really makes. huge difference.

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Posted on November 19, 2022

this is so beautiful; thank you for sharing updates!!