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South Bay Mutual Aid and Care Club

We work in solidarity with our neighbors living unhoused in the South Bay of LA through mutual aid distro at encampments and other support.


South Bay Mutual Aid and Care Club is all of us

Our contributors 95

Thank you for supporting South Bay Mutual Aid and Care Club.

Maggie Clarke


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Society has fundamentally failed its members under capitalism, as evidenced by the unjust criminalization of poverty and state violence that unhoused people face. Due to this systemic failure, our unhoused neighbors have many needs that go unmet. We organize with our unhoused neighbors to resist & abolish the systems that cause these harms. 

Over 60,000 people live unhoused in Los Angeles. There are neither enough shelter beds, nor adequate affordable housing, to shelter them all. Homelessness disproportionately affects Black, Indigenous, queer, and/or disabled people.

We are trying to meet their needs.

We do this because everyone deserves respect, compassion, & the resources to not just survive, but thrive as fellow human beings.


  • Decriminalization of poverty
  • Universal housing as human right
  • Building community, relationships, & solidarity with encampments & other aligned organizations to hold each other accountable and aid each other
  • Record, share, honor, uplift, center, celebrate unhoused experiences & voices
  • Abolition of the police & prisons
  • Uplift the work of unhoused, Black, Indigenous, disabled, and queer organizers

How funds will be used

Mutual aid
Mutual aid is at the heart of our work. We prioritize using funds to purchase items our neighbors living outside tell us they need. Common items we provide weekly are:
  • Tents
  • Hygiene supplies like shampoo, soap, dental care items, menstrual care items, and bug spray
  • Water and ice
  • First aid items
  • Pet supplies
  • Mobile showers and hand washing
  • Medicine
We also support our neighbors by assisting with expenses such as:
  • Transportation
  • Tickets
  • Replacing identification
  • Vet and medical care
  • Sweep recovery

Larger projects and activities
Movie night! Talent Show! Art Day! Press Conferences! Maximizing space for those living outside to be seen and heard, to express themselves, and to heal, are priorities. Working together on larger projects builds solidarity and community connection. We lead with love in these spaces.

Supporting partner orgs
We work collaboratively with coalition partners throughout LA County on projects related to mutual aid, harm reduction, and abolition. We prioritize supporting the work of orgs lead by unhoused and BIPOC organizers.

Organizing supplies
A small amount of funds are used for supplies to support our work such as coolers, tables, stationary, etc...

Why not just give cash to unhoused people?

We often do! We are in full support of the autonomy of our unhoused neighbors. At the same time, not having access to credit, bank accounts, an address, or a safe place to receive packages, as well as hostile businesses, mean we are often asked to provide materials rather than cash. We see this as an opportunity to leverage the privileges of being housed in support of those outside.



Transparent and open finances.

toothbrushes and razors

Materials & Supplies
-$57.87 USD
Reimbursement #196138

Wipes, bags, pads

Materials & Supplies
-$104.42 USD
Reimbursement #196113


Materials & Supplies
-$166.41 USD
Reimbursement #194635
Today’s balance

-$0.39 USD

Total raised

$15,741.01 USD

Total disbursed

$15,741.40 USD

Estimated annual budget

$9,506.86 USD


Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from South Bay Mutual Aid and Care Club

Updates on our activities and progress.

UPDATE: Changes coming for SBMACC donors

Hello everyone, Just wanted to give a heads-up to those who've set up recurring donations to SBMACC, and share a brief financial update with you all. First off, a huge thank you to our wonderful supporters! We understand the urgency for fun...
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Published on March 22, 2024 by Maggie Clarke

Community outreach update: Nov 28, 2023

Hello lovely supporters! This has been a challenging year for our community. As Mayor Bass’ “Inside Safe” program has ramped up, we have seen even more displacement of unhoused neighbors as they are moved between hotels, and exited from pro...
Read more
Published on November 28, 2023 by Maggie Clarke

Sunday community outreach day: Nov 6, 2022

Every Sunday, our community organizers gather to serve a community of at least 120 unhoused people in the South Bay area. At least 70 unhoused neighbors came to our table today for free food and medical care. We provide free food, clothing,...
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Published on November 18, 2022 by Chad Loder
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