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These are all the ways you can help make our community sustainable.

Support A Neighbour

By contributing £50 / month, you are directly supporting one neighbour to access the fund, and sending the strongest signal that you are part of ma... Read more

£50 GBP / month

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Recurring contribution
Half A Grant

By contributing £25/month, your money will cover half of a grant to a neighbour in need of support.

£25 GBP / month

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Recurring contribution
London Living Wage

Your regular contribution of an hour's London Living Wage will go directly to neighbours in need of support, and will help ensure the sustainabilit... Read more

£10.75 GBP / month

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Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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We are raising extra funds to redistribute wealth to those who need it most in our community this...

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build a fundraising and marketing strategy for the SE15CF

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A collaboration with Decolonised Networking to provide young BPOC in SE15 the tools, guidance and...

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