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Neighbours supporting neighbours in SE15. Give what you can, take what you need. Scroll down to the 'About' heading to get started :)


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Financial Contributions

Support A Neighbour

By contributing £50 / month, you are directly supporting one neighbour to access the fund, and sending the strongest signal that you are part of ma... Read more

£50 GBP / month

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Recurring contribution
Half A Grant

By contributing £25/month, your money will cover half of a grant to a neighbour in need of support.

£25 GBP / month

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Recurring contribution
London Living Wage

Your regular contribution of an hour's London Living Wage will go directly to neighbours in need of support, and will help ensure the sustainabilit... Read more

£10.75 GBP / month

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Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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Top financial contributors


The Social Change Nest CIC

£8,793.29 GBP since May 2020

Peckham Settlement

£3,000 GBP since Apr 2022

First Word Records

£1,850 GBP since Jun 2020

Goose Green Solidarity Fund

£1,596.3 GBP since Dec 2020

PEARS Record Label

£1,539.67 GBP since Jun 2020

General Store

£1,000 GBP since Jun 2020

Newham Solidarity Fund

£865.9 GBP since Dec 2021

Nola Coffee

£700 GBP since Jan 2021

Rhythm Section INTL

£652.32 GBP since Jun 2020

Nunhead Knocks

£420 GBP since Apr 2023


Chris Haydon

£3,000 GBP since Nov 2020

Malcolm Reynolds

£2,750 GBP since Feb 2023


£1,910 GBP since Jan 2022

Lynn Bjerke

£1,875 GBP since May 2020


£1,800 GBP since Jul 2020

James Coward

£1,700 GBP since Jan 2022

Morgan Aimes

£1,675 GBP since Apr 2021


£1,500 GBP since Dec 2020

Maria Garbutt-Lucero

£1,450 GBP since Dec 2020

Nat Li Lin Steinhouse

£1,450 GBP since Dec 2020

SE15 Community Fund is all of us

Our contributors 157

Thank you for supporting SE15 Community Fund.

Emma O'Dwyer


£1,430 GBP

Andreea Vasilcin


£926 GBP

Alex Kassab


£425 GBP

The Social Ch...

£8,793 GBP

Chris Haydon

£3,000 GBP

Peckham Settl...

£3,000 GBP

Malcolm Reynolds

£2,750 GBP


£1,910 GBP

Lynn Bjerke

Support A Neighbour

£1,875 GBP

Community is what it is all about.

First Word Re...

£1,850 GBP


Support the following initiatives from SE15 Community Fund.

build a fundraising and marketing strategy for the SE15CF

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A collaboration with Decolonised Networking to provide young BPOC in SE15 the tools, guidance and...

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Transparent and open finances.

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£4,853.79 GBP

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£67,924.71 GBP

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News from SE15 Community Fund

Updates on our activities and progress.

2023 Update + Extra Support Resources

Dear neighbours, We wanted to bring you up to speed with how things are going with the SE15 Community Fund as it has been a while since we sent out an update. As of January 10th, the fund has redistributed over £53,000 to neighbours in SE15...
Read more
Published on January 16, 2023 by Alex Kassab

Take any meter readings by this evening!

*Meter Reading day Thursday 31st March 2022.* Hi everyone Just in case you haven't already heard, it's a good idea to take gas and electricity meter readings on March 31st. Regardless of what type of meter you have, smart or otherwise. - No...
Read more
Published on March 31, 2022 by Becky Seale

Exciting Basic Income News for December

Read more
Published on November 30, 2021 by Alex Kassab


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Receiving funds cancelled

Published on November 9, 2022 by Peace Ugochi

I want to find out if this support is still on or is there any change as my application for the month of September was rejected, i am wondering what the reason was? And since then i have not received any further support from this platform....

Thank you !

Published on May 4, 2022 by Gladys

Thank you so much for all you do xx

Basic income crowdfunder contribution

Published on December 1, 2021 by Newham Solidarity Fund

A note to confirm that the contribution of £865.90 from the account of the Newham Solidarity Fund is the result of the London Solidarity Fund Federation's basic income project and crowdfunder with the Basic Income Conversation.


The Open Collective platform is set up to reimburse receipts/invoices via bank transfer or PayPal. The SE15 Community Fund uses the platform slightly differently, and asks for proof of address instead of receipts/invoices. This can be be confusing, so please Click here for a guide on how to claim from the fund via Open Collective. This guide takes you through step by step.

What is the SE15 Community Fund ?

The SE15 Community Fund offers financial help to people located in the SE15 postcode, who may be struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances. This fund can be used for any purpose. There is no judgement, nor is there any obligation to pay back the money. We are a group of SE15 based neighbours who believe in helping our neighbours when they are in need - on the basis of solidarity, not charity. 

Am I eligible to receive help from the fund ? 

This fund is available to any current resident in the SE15 postcode, however, the grant is limited to 1 application per household rather than per resident. You must upload recent proof of address, confirming that you live within the SE15 postcode. We do not ask you to upload an invoice, bill or receipt from what the grant is spent on, but ask that you use it in good faith. We do not require any more personal details - feel free to just upload the initials of your name when making an Open Collective personal profile in order to remain anonymous. For those with no fixed address, please get in contact at [email protected] as we will still try our best to help. 

How do I receive money from the fund?

Please look at our User Guide for full instructions on how to claim from the fund via Open Collective. 

Neighbours can apply for up to £50 at a time. Take only what you need, so that others can also get help. Each household can receive cash up to once per month - this limit is intended to ensure that as many people as possible get the help they need. We are always looking to increase the size and frequency of grants, but can only do so in line with the donations we receive.

Our 'fiscal host', the Social Change Agency, makes payments every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays - though we cannot guarantee what time. Please take this into account when you apply for funds, as you may not receive it immediately.

For neighbours who do not use online banking/do not have internet access, we can coordinate with local Mutual Aid groups to deliver groceries and reimburse volunteers for them from the fund. Safeguarding is in place in line with social distancing and current hygiene advice and these neighbours will be contacted by the mutual aid group to confirm receipt of the groceries. The same £50/month per person limit still applies to the end recipient of the groceries.

Our host normally makes payments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, however the cutoff point for them is now 1pm on these days. Any expenses that are submitted after 1pm on those days will be picked up in the next batch of scheduled payments.

How can I give money to the fund ?

Anything that you are able to give to support the fund, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. As a steer, some people might give the equivalent of one days’ wages, for a lump sum donation. EVEN better would be a monthly or even weekly recurring contribution which will help provide more consistent support to fellow neighbours and avoid a situation where the pot is empty when someone needs it. You can contribute via bank transfer, card payment and Paypal. We also hope to be able to accept cash donations once it is safe to do so. 

Please note, when contributing by card or Paypal, payment processing fees apply. These are generally 1.4% + 20p and 2.4% and 30p respectively. Bank transfers via online banking do not incur a charge and are paid to our fiscal host, the Social Change Agency, who bank with the UK based Metro Bank.

For this reason, bank transfers are our preferred method of donation. You will be sent an e-mail containing the bank details and a reference number. This happens almost instantaneously, so please check in your ‘junk mail’ folder if you can’t see it in your ‘inbox’. Please quote the payment reference number supplied when you commit to the donation - as this ensures the money is credited to the SE15 Community Fund. 

Who organises the fund and how are decisions made ?

The current administrators of the fund are four SE15 residents who met through local mutual aid groups, created in response to the current pandemic. The fund is run in accordance with our constitution, which can be read here.

We are in touch with local community groups to increase awareness of the fund's existence, so that the most in need are able to access it. We want everyone to be able to access the fund and are keen to work with others regarding emerging issues. If you have any feedback about your experience, or can help us understand the needs and experiences of particular users, please get in touch at [email protected]

How is my personal data handled?

When uploading your personal data into this fund, your data is covered by the privacy policy of the Open Collective, who are based in the US, and as such data protection is covered by US law rather than UK and EU data laws. Their full privacy policy can be found here: . Any personal data received directly by the fund will be handled in compliance with current GDPR regulations. 

Please do not hesitate to message or get in touch at [email protected] if you need any assistance or have a question.

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