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Open Collective
Thank You & November Update
Published on November 2, 2021 by David Kennedy

Dear neighbours,

Last month was incredible - we managed once again to keep the Fund going and didn’t have to turn a single person away who needed financial aid. 

The reason? A quiet and immediate response from our generous neighbours who either gave a one off donation, told a friend or upped their monthly contribution - the fund received a whopping £527 in one-off donations. Thank you.

Unfortunately though, because many of the donations were one-offs, we find ourselves in a similar position this month. This month and any future month where the Fund is running low, we will continue with the approach outlined last month. We will distribute funds whenever we have them, and if we do run out of money: 
  • For those who miss out this month we will prioritise your application in December
  • For those who receive a grant in November, you may need to wait until at least January to successfully apply again 
Help us close the gap - we still need £830 more a month to break even and make us sustainable - that’s about 43 more monthly contributors (at current average rate of contributions). So please keep telling any neighbours who can contribute about the Fund - including your favourite local businesses - we can assist you with draft text for this, just drop us a line at [email protected]

Thank you all once again for being part of this community fund.

The SE15CF admins