The SE15 Community Fund and the Basic Income Conversation
Published on August 15, 2021 by Alex Kassab

Hello everyone,

We are writing to let you know that we are currently working on a new project with The Basic Income Conversation (BIC) and need your input.

BIC are a campaigning organisation, hosted by Compass. Their aim is to encourage people and organisations to discuss the need for a basic income with their peers and communities, making sure that people have a say in the debate around it. You can find out more about them here: 

Through our collaboration, The Basic Income Conversation are planning on hosting a crowdfunder, with the aim of raising enough money to cover all applications for support from the Goose Green Solidarity Fund, the SE16 Community Fund, the SE15 Community Fund, the Brent Solidarity Fund, and the Newham Solidarity Fund during one month this Autumn.

We’re looking for testimonials from the people (that’s you) who are part of the funds – whether that’s as a contributor or an expenser. If you’re comfortable talking about what the fund means to you either on camera, audio/voice note or via written word, please get in touch - we’d love to hear from you! You can email us at [email protected] or call us on 07739 327963.

For those not familiar with the idea, a basic income is a regular payment that everyone receives for an unlimited period of time. The right to a basic income would aim to guarantee financial security for all. You may also have heard it called ‘universal basic income’, ‘minimum income’ or other similar terms. Whatever the term used, a basic income has five core characteristics:
  • Cash: it’s money you can spend on whatever you want.
  • Regular: so you know the next payment is coming.
  • Individual: each person gets their own basic income, paid to the individual not the household.
  • Unconditional: you don’t have to work or make any promises to get your basic income, there are no strings attached.
  • Universal: the entire population gets it.
The reason we are working with The Basic Income Conversation is because there are many overlaps between the support we provide through London Solidarity Funds and a basic income. For example, all the London Solidarity Funds offer cash unconditionally. Limits on our financial resources currently prevent London Solidarity Funds from offering regular payments to all individuals, but we would very much like to see that happen too! 

Please keep an eye out for exciting new updates on this project soon!

With all our best,
The SE15 Community Fund