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Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle is transitioning to a new Fiscal Host

Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle cannot receive contributions at the moment. This page will be updated with more information once the collective transitions to a new Fiscal Host.

Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle

Seed&Spark's Patrons Circle is a simple commitment to innovative creators telling the stories that move our culture forward.



Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle is hosting the following events.

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11:00 PM UTC
Celebrating the narrative change-makers innovating our culture.

Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle is all of us

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Omidyar Network

$50,000 USD

Bank of Ameri...

$25,000 USD

Jason Reitman

Individual Patron

$20,000 USD

Couper Samuelson

Individual Patron

$10,000 USD

Jeff Yang

Individual Patron

$10,000 USD

Jacquelyn and...

$10,000 USD


Transparent and open finances.

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$4,918.11 USD

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News from Seed&Spark Patrons' Circle

Updates on our activities and progress.

Thank you, Patrons Circle 2023!

Hi everyone! Our fiscal sponsor Open Collective has a few questions for us to answer, reflecting back on the past year of the Patrons Circle, so we figured it's a good opportunity to share with those who made this program possible another y...
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Published on December 21, 2023 by Meghan Ross

Our first commitments are in!

We are excited to announce that the fund will be anchored this year by Mark Duplass, Jason Reitman, Omidyar Network, Jess Jacobs, Jeff Yang and Couper Samuelson from Blumhouse. We're thrilled for these first commitments, and are well on our...
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Published on January 18, 2023 by Emily


Seed&Spark's Patrons Circle is a simple commitment to innovative creators telling stories that drive narrative change for change for racial / gender / social / climate / technology  justice.

Seed&Spark has built the most demographically and geographically diverse pipeline of creators through the last 10 years of community development and education work. From climate change, to healthcare, gender, technology and social justice, Patrons can align themselves with stories that matter. Seed&Spark will shout this from the rooftops to our community of over 500k creators through owned+partnered channels, and 400+ connected arts and film partners.

Patrons commit funding that Seed&Spark distributes through no-application grants to creators already crowdfunding and building audiences on our crowdfunding platform. Together, we accelerate and amplify their impact - Patron funds have seen a more than 10x amplification. In 2022, we contributed $100,000 across 65 projects that collectively raise more than $1.1M.

For independent and underrepresented creators, it’s a strenuous journey to see a creative project through from start to finish. The pandemic only compounded inequality in an industry filled with roadblocks, gatekeepers, and systemic hurdles. 

But the artists who come to Seed&Spark are ambitious: they want to move culture forward and make a living while doing it. They are invested not just in making their work but in building the audience who will sustain them over time.

As a Patron, your commitment is a game changer: it is both a leap forward on the path to creative sustainability and a powerful signal that they're not forging that path alone.

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