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We're building cooperatively owned and managed on-demand hosting infrastructure. is an algorithm for co-operation: a technical, governance, and cost-sharing stack.


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Overwhelmingly, organisations don't own or control the server hardware on which their digital systems rely. The provision of hosting services is almost exclusively under the control of increasingly large corporate interests and the major public cloud providers. Values-driven progressive organisations often find themselves either directly or indirectly funding Big Tech because there are no viable alternatives. This project is looking to change that. We deploying cooperatively owned and controlled digital infrastructure. We have already acquired suitable hardware, and everything is lined up for us to commission that and go live inside a UK datacentre that itself is cooperatively managed.
Our next step is to pull together the modest initial start-up funding that we need in order to go live and deliver service - to prove the concept. This is where you come in - by contributing you can show your support for a more commons-oriented approach to how we provision and manage crucial digital infrastructure, and of course you can become a customer and a member of the organisation - helping to shape strategy and policy, and co-creating a successful and valuable piece of the social and solidarity economy.
There's more about the project on our website, and we're keen to respond to questions. Please get in touch!

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