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🚀 November News at Silex with Alex Hoyau Hello everyone, I'm Alex Hoyau, the guardian of the essence of Silex Website Builder. This November, I'm excited to share with you initiatives and updates that will revolutionize yo...
Unlocking Silex Workshop series
Published on October 26, 2023 by Alex Hoyau
Helloooo deer supporters ! Just like you we are passionate about free software. That means we don't monetize our tools; we use them and contribute back. It's the best way to ensure we know our tools inside and out and we truly control where...
Silex v3 coming soon
Published on August 9, 2023 by Alex Hoyau
Dear Web Designers, Freelancers, and Agencies, In just 3 weeks, I will be hosting an online workshop to introduce you to the new version of Silex. Once the workshop concludes, you'll receive a link to begin using this new version — and, as...
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