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I'm one individual maintaining high quality open source, loosely coupled, typescript packages that can be easily connected to any software environment

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Simply Hexagonal is all of us

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Simply Hexagonal is born from the concept of Hexagonal Architecture, where one project has many components that are able to solve specific problems in isolation, but are meant to interact in multiple ways with one-another to build much more complex solutions.

If your project is a monorepo, you'll most probably find more than one @simplyhexagonal package that will make development and maintenance so much easier.

Simply Hexagonal is currently a team of 1 maintainer, that with the help of tens of Open Source contributors, has been able to create robust Typescript solutions that have been adopted by hundreds of thousands of mid to large-scale production-ready projects.

My goal with bringing Simply Hexagonal to Open Collective is to grow the team to the point were we can offer full-time development and support of @simplyhexagonal packages, and thus, be the team that builds the machine that your team uses to build your machine ๐Ÿš€

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