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Skytable is an insanely fast, free and open-source, realtime NoSQL database that aims to provide flexible data modelling without compromising on performance or queryability — at scale. Yes, that's the long term goal and vision that we've started out with.


Skytable started out as TerrabaseDB back in June 2020. It all began when Skytable's author Sayan was "successfully fed up" with a database schema that he wrote for a project he started working on back in 2019. He was so angry with the schema that he started writing his own database! With some trademark conflicts, TerrabaseDB was renamed to Skybase and finally to Skytable as it stands today.


Skytable is written in C and Rust and runs across all Unix based and Windows platforms. Rust was chosen as the language for security and performance benefits while C was chosen for some easy interfacing with platform specific low level interfaces (but we plan to phase out C eventually). Skytable uses it's own protocol, called Skyhash that is built over TCP and provides an extremely simple and human readable mode of serialization with near binary protocol level parsing speeds.

The Collective

Like you must know, Skytable is an open source project and relies on support from the community to keep up with its development. All work done is also volunteer work. We're in constant need of infrastructure for stress testing, CI/CD and packaging — and donations through this collective will help us sustain ourselves and the project. If you can't donate, but can support us in other ways, for example by providing cloud infrastructure, by writing documentation or by maintaining our social channels, please email us at: [email protected]! We'd love to hear from you!

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Sayan Nandan

Founder and Lead developer