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Teaching young people and families the art of growing and eating their own produce. To make improvements to the children's garden by purchasing too... Read more

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SMETRA were successful in applying for a grant of £3,000 to provide lap tops on loan to 17 young people and their families on St Matthews Estate as... Read more

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St Matthews Tenants and Residents Association (SMETRA) are a collective of local residents with the desire to bring together the local community in a cohesive way. We organise activities and events that promote well being and combat loneliness. We also have support groups for children, men, women and families.  During the Covid-19 Pandemic we started a much needed 'Food Share' project and so far have given out over 1000 fresh and cooked food packages. As part of 'The Healthy Living Platform', 'Community Hub' and St Matthews Project our volunteers work hard  to keep our local people healthy and well during this unprecedented time by helping to distribute food. Comments we have had so far were "I am now eating more healthier"....."im eating fresh food that I would normally pass by in the supermarket"......"this food is helping me to get my family through this time".."thank you" .."My teenage daughters are eating more fresh food".

This is OUR estate, OUR community and together WE believe that we can make a difference. Every penny you donate goes towards our work. Thank you!

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Giving to project like these can make such a bi...