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Hi! This is the Society of Lady Makers open collective.

We are on a mission to to get women more involved in the maker’s movement.

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We are Society of Lady Makers

We are a collaborative organization for women who make things. Our goal is to get women more involved in the maker’s movement and to create an environment where women can come together to share their ideals, goals, and projects. A maker is anyone who engages in creative work professionally or personally; we welcome any women who consider themselves makers, as well as the people who support them.

We strive to create a space that is predominantly women so that our voices can be heard. This includes holding a range of events such as social gatherings, panel discussions, and workshops for members to learn new skills. We consciously focus on incorporating women makers into the already established maker community and showing the value of our work.



This is possible thanks to all these people and organizations who contribute their time and/or money to support this collective. Contribute too!