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SoCraTes Crete 2023

Fiscal Host: Software Makers

An Open Space UNconference on the Software Making Craft. Join us on Crete: 29 June - 2 July 2023!


What makes good Software ? And what makes a good Software product?
If you care about exploring these 2 main themes, then SoCraTes Crete offers the ideal setting !
An Open Space event where we gather and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience, in an inspiring venue that allows us to explore Crete at its finest! 

SoCraTes Crete has its roots in the open space event, that we started way back in 2014, when "Agile Software Development" meant a different thing that it has come to mean today. Since 2018, AgileCrete had been getting closer and closer to the rest of the Software Craft and Testing (SoCraTes) events, as we discovered we were discussing the same topics software development, product management, methodologies, psychology, systems thinking, philosophy, etc. In 2023, a new SoCraTes Crete event is being born to bring us even closer to the worldwide community of people who care about the Craft of making good software.

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