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Feeding the Community


All donations go towards food/necessities to help our community here in Cleveland, Tennessee. #BeKindLikeAdrian


As many of you know, there are currently three Open Community Pantries, with a fourth one being added this weekend (6/17)! Carley has made it a mission to keep the community pantries stocked, in honor of her late brother, Adrian Kirkpatrick.

The Open Community Pantries are an amazing resource to our community, and every small action can make a big difference. 
You can help by:
🐙 Donating DIRECTLY to any/all of the Open Community Pantries
➥ You can find GPS locations for each community pantry, here:

🐙 Donating to the Open Collective, under "Feeding the Community"
➥ On this page; Scroll down to "Contribute"

🐙 Setting up a pickup appointment for any food and/or consumables*
*Any perishables are used for the Grocery Delivery Project if the Trading Post pop-up pantry is not within the week.

Let's help our community so that no one has to go to bed hungry!

Once you have made a donation, don't forget to send us a message on Facebook, or through email.

E: [email protected]

Our team

Skye Lunny

We're in this together! :)


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