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Nonsense Labyrinth has been archived.

Nonsense Labyrinth has been archived and is no longer active.

Nonsense Labyrinth


A poetic and musical walk with performances and participatory installations in Park Duden in Brussels.


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 We are at a crossroads in our social lives, having experienced more than a year of corona society, which means physical distancing between people, less contact with our closest connections, spending a lot of time at home behind a screen and, for many, rediscovering nature. In parks, forests and other green areas we have rediscovered poetry.
Nonsense Labyrinth is an event with poetry, music and installations. You will walk through a Poetry Park, full of word-surprises, letter-sprinkles and leafy-entertainment.

A walk through a park, with artists standing at predetermined places to surprise and amaze the pedestrian with a poem, a song or a performance. 


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