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Sueños Sin Fronteras de Tejas

Reproductive Justice & Immigrant Justice for Undocumented Pregnant and Birthing People of Color in San Antonio, TX.


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Build and expand collective infrastructure, operations, and programming in San Antonio community.

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Our Mission
Sueños Sin Fronteras is a people of color-led collective working at the intersections of Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice to co-create positive health and healing outcomes and transform wellness for undocumented & immigrant communities that affirm their dignity and lived experiences.

Our Community
SSFTX uplifts and supports the innovation, joy, and resilience of immigrant and undocumented pregnant and birthing cis-gender, Black, Indigenous, women of color from different parts of Latin American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and Belize. Their ages range from 17-50 years old. The majority of them lead low-income, single-parent households and many of them are survivors who have experienced or witnessed harm and violence. Simultaneously, they navigate a myriad of interpersonal needs such as trauma around being separated from loved ones upon their arrival at the U.S.-Mexico border or migration, complex post-traumatic stress disorders, chronic illnesses, mental health challenges, housing insecurity, poverty, inability to secure equitable and non-exploitative employment, and general inaccessibility to resources that if accessible would promote their health and well-being and that of their families. 

Our Team
As a collective team of six women of color with direct experience navigating similar challenges as our community, we stand in deep solidarity with another and believe in the collective power to build resistance and generate change in the communities we are a part of and represent. SSFTX operates around a shared leadership structure, with an intimate team of seven queer and affirming women of color with lived experience in mixed-status and undocumented families. Our team members are survivors of gender-based violence and anti-immigrant and anti-abortion policies in Texas. We are living examples of the power of brown voices and the resilience of brown bodies. As women of color directly impacted by the same issues we continue to fight against, we acknowledge the ongoing hardships undocumented and immigrant women and girls face every day. SSFTX’s programs support people in making informed, independent choices, promote education, and provide pathways to leadership and self-advocacy. We also recognize the importance of collective care within systems that task us too much while delivering very little. SSFTX acknowledges that working under oppressive conditions is unsustainable; therefore, we aim to decentralize power and build programs that honor our boundaries and create safe, compassionate spaces that support the healing and sustainability of our communities.

Acknowledging the lack of economic opportunity for immigrant communities resulting in increased barriers to accessing essential resources and in light of the deep financial disparities that exist for organizations led by people of color, it is a priority for Mariela Jasso, co-executive director, an immigrant woman with lived experience navigating severe poverty and financial hardship, a survivor of family violence, and as one of the financial lead decision-makers within SSFTX, to promote equitable practices that support and honor the needs of collective team members, build capacity to make resources available to the community through the expansion of SSFTX services and offerings, and aim to build economic opportunities for the community we work for. 

As a low-income Tejana cis-woman and survivor of gender-based violence, SSF co-founder and co-executive director, Laura Molinar, aims to prioritize and expanding financial education and resources for community members, building greater financial stability for SSFTX team members, and provide pathways to leadership opportunities for low-income Black, Indigenous, women of color in her San Antonio community. 

Our Impact

As the first self-governed collective in San Antonio, Texas specifically working at the intersection of Reproductive and Immigrant Justice, SSFTX has pathed the way for transformative movement work that honors the health, experiences, and autonomy of undocumented and immigrant women of color leaders and their families. Founded in July 2018, our four years as a grassroots collective providing mutual aid and outreach in San Antonio and in South Texas have been directly informed by our own experience encountering discriminatory immigration and restrictive reproductive health practices in Texas. From March 2020 to March 2022, our SSFTX Empowerment Mutual Aid Fund redistributed a total of $137,000 in mutual aid to undocumented pregnant and birthing people and their families affected by COVID-19, Winter Storm Uri, and systemic violence and oppression deeply rooted in histories of oppression, white supremacy, and militarization of Texas communities. Our collective operates around a shared leadership structure, with an intimate team of six queer and affirming women of color with lived experience in mixed-status and undocumented families.

Since our founding, SSFTX has been a trusted and safe community resource for undocumented pregnant and birthing people and their families in South Texas. Relationship and trust-building with undocumented communities in San Antonio have been integral in building a strong collective infrastructure and presence in San Antonio. Our current programming aims to deepen and expand its existing impact and trust in the community through the creation of intentional spaces for peer support, education, advocacy around Reproductive Justice, Immigrant Rights, and Economic Justice, Migration, Healing Justice, and Solidarity Economies. These frameworks promote self and collective advocacy for reproductive, immigrant, healing, and economic justice through community-led practices and methodologies such as cultural organizing, narrative shifting, popular education, and radical care and mutual aid practices rooted in our ancestral practices. 

Our Programs

Empowerment Mutual Aid Fund
  • Purpose: The Empowerment Fund is a community mutual aid fund that was created in March of 2020 in response to undocumented folks’ loss of income and resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Empowerment Fund provides access to groceries, diapers, clothing, over-the-counter medications and vitamins, hygiene items, transportation assistance, cell phone assistance, and other essential needs to undocumented families in San Antonio. 
  • Highlights: Between March 2020 and March 2022, the Empowerment Fund redistributed $124,355 in mutual aid support and coordinated care for 70 immigrant women and 156 immigrant children in San Antonio and other surrounding states in the U.S. 

Direct Service & Familias Engagement 
  • Purpose: The Direct Service & Familias Engagement program supports the immediate and long-term needs of undocumented and immigrant families in San Antonio through direct case management, mutual aid, connections to trusted community resources, support in applying for public benefits, and educational workshops that center the skills, leadership, and desires of immigrant women and their families. 
  • Highlights: As fellows of Highlander Research & Learning Center’s Southern Beyond Survival 2022 cohort, SSFTX team members are gaining knowledge and training in methodologies such as popular education and cultural organizing. SSFTX aims to utilize these skills and methodologies in the facilitation of their own educational workshops and peoples assemblies in the San Antonio community. SSFTX aims to host a People’s Movement Assembly that will bring together community organizations and undocumented and immgirant women to explore the intersections of reproductive, economic, and immigrant justice through community building and the sharing of resources. 

Health Advocate Project 
  • Purpose: The Health Advocate (HA) Project works within the intersections of health and healing and aims to support undocumented and immigrant birthing people in identifying supportive health resources in their communities that honor their identities and dignity through the provision of health education and tools to practice care, self-advocacy, and leadership
  • Highlights: 
    • The Health Advocate Project provides health education and advocacy in the provision of Reproductive Health Kits and Postpartum Kits, dissemination of culturally-sensitive reproductive health education through the development of a Reproductive Justice Zine in Spanish and in-person and virtual popular education workshops focusing on prenatal and postpartum support, abortion education, holistic health, and healing, inclusive reproductive and sexual health, patient rights, and affirmative consent. 
    • The DMS Campaign aims to build collective power and achieve positive reproductive and sexual health outcomes through shared knowledge, and self-advocacy among undocumented communities in San Antonio. 

Our team