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Version 1.1.0 is here!

This update includes:Minor ChangesUpdate all npm packagesReplace dploy package with ftp-deply, added new deploy config, remove old dploy config:Move Google Analytics script inside head tag, fixes
Published on April 29, 2020 by Eric Alli

Version 1.0 Release!

Version 1.0 has officially been released 🎉Version 1.0 has been released and it's considered stable for production use. It's being used on my own production websites including the
Published on September 23, 2019 by Eric Alli


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  • Modern Technologies: Full support for HTML5, JavaScript (Vanilla and ES6) and CSS (Sass and PostCSS)
  • Built-in Server: Local development server with hot reloading
  • Performance Tuning: CSS and JavaScript transpilation, bundling, autoprefixing, and minification
  • Image Optimization: Optimizes images for loading speed
  • Favicon Generation: Automatically generates all favicons for Web, Apple and Android devices from one image file
  • Code Linting: Full support for JavaScript (ESLint) and CSS (StyleLint) linting
  • Sitemap & Robots.txt Generation: Automatically generates a sitemap.xml and robots.txt files
  • Setup Wizard: Optionally install helpful libraries and snippets including:
    • CSS Resets: normalize.css reset.css or sanitize.css
    • jQuery
    • Google Analytics
  • Cutting Edge: Uses Webpack for processing and bundling your code
  • Deployment: Built-in support for deployment via FTP or Netlify